WEDDING BEAUTY SOS by Emily Turnbull
03 May 2016

So you're getting marriesBeauty Editor of award-winning blog and freelance Make-up Artist Emily Turnbull, at Love Moi Makeup, offers her quick tips for beauty problem solving, during the wedding season.

However hard brides-to-be try to make everything perfect, there are some wedding day beauty hiccups that you just can’t plan for. During my time as a freelance wedding make-up artist, I’ve seen everything, from accidental black eyes, a bride’s false tooth falling out on their wedding day, to facial burns due to poor waxing and allergic reactions! Whilst there are some things you can’t pre-empt, luckily these are usually few and far between – for most beauty challenges there’ll be an easy fix if you are well prepared!

Under Eye CirclesDark under eye circles:
A common complaint due to a hectic and stressful time leading up to the big day, where resting and relaxing may not always be possible. A full coverage colour-correcting under eye concealer is a must for wedding make-up, Enlighten Concealer is the perfect addition to any bridal kit. Less is more with all full coverage products, so gradually build thin layers and blend, then set with finishing powder up to the lash line for a perfectly even, non-creasing finish. 

Dry, Flaky Lips:
To ensure a smooth and kissable pout on the day, ensure there is always a lip balm nearby and apply upon waking and then 20 minutes before lip colour application – you don’t want excess product on the lips which can cause lipstick to slide off. Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper can help to remove dry flaky skin. A supplement in the run up to the day is a great way to hydrate inside out, Skin Vitality 1 is perfect to help with dehydration and dryness.

Encourage brides-to-be to think about their skin care routine far in advance, in order to ensure they feel as skin confident as possible on the day. However, stress or hormones can’t be helped and may mean a wedding day breakout. If a blemish does appear, the most important thing is to ensure the bride doesn’t squeeze, aggravate or break the skin. Bumps under the skin are much easier to cover with make-up and much less noticeable than a scab from squeezing! A great everyday cleansing routine is essential for spot prone skins and Sebuwash is perfect to keep breakouts at bay.

Uneven Fake Tan:
A professional tan is a great way to cheat a fake glow, but it needs to look as natural as possible! I always encourage brides to have a trial tan a few weeks before and to take note of the therapist and the intensity of the colour used. If a tan does become patchy, exfoliate the night before and in the morning. Mix a dot of Dream Tint Tinted Moisturiser in with a body lotion to even out skin colour and add a natural glow.