You heard it through the Grapevine
19 Jul 2017

We love discovering new ingredients and Astaxanthin is our latest.

A powerful antioxidant from the carotenoid family, Astaxanthin is one of the most potent found in nature. It protects skin from free radicals which cause oxidative damage, enabling cells to function normally and stay younger for longer. Derived from marine algae, it gives salmon and flamingos their characteristic pink colour, although you will be pleased to know that it doesn’t have the same effect on humans. 

Research published in The Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism suggests astaxanthin can reduce oxidative stress, inflammation and enhance the immune system

According to researchers at Washington State University, taking an astaxanthin supplement could have a major impact on slowing the ageing process and giving you glowing, clear skin.

In a Japanese study, women who took an astaxanthin supplement twice a day for eight weeks showed a significant improvement in age spots, wrinkles, texture and elasticity. 

There is also evidence to suggest that it supports joints and vision and boosts energy levels.

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